Variety Development

Variety development is a team performance; together with our partners we are working continuously on new innovations in our Research & Development station. Because of that, every day we are improving our cultivation techniques and our variety portfolio.


This all takes place in our research groups Quality, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology, supported by colleagues of  Biometrics, Quantitative Genetics and Bio-informatics.


The new varieties are tested in trial fields planted all over the world. In this way together we ensure a strong and healthy portfolio which is ready for the future.  We apply strict criteria.  Only the best varieties have a future.


French fries
Our varieties can grow everywhere in the world. This is necessary, because we are constantly  exploring new markets, like Asia and Northern Africa. The highest yield certainty, quality and consistency are very important to us;  we don’t settle for less.



Our crisps-varieties are very much appreciated by growers and producers. They are of high quality, sustainable and reliable. The baking color of our varieties is so good, they are recognized as the new standard.



Potatoes fit into any lifestyle. We keep a close eye on what the consumer is looking for and adjust our breeding activities accordingly. Breeding the best varieties, is always our top priority.


Conventional breeding 
We strongly believe in our conventional plant breeding methods without using any genetic engineering methods.  We develop our products by using the latest breeding methods. All reasonable precautions have been taken with special diligence to avoid the adventitious presence of GMO’s.

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